:Coffee Table Fresh:

About 4 months ago I walked into my salon in Hollywood (wow, it’s been a long time), Rust. My stylist was running a tad late and told me that she just got all of these new books. Who has time to read a book at a salon? Really?

But as soon as I got to the coffee table, I knew what she meant. They are what I call “flip” books. No matter how big or small, they are books you flip through while you are waiting somewhere. Personally, I found it refreshing.

So instead of reading the latest Cosmopolitan or the newest Us Weekly, I was flipping through a book of funny quotes coming from the covers of romantic novels (which made me think about if a real, cheesy romantic novel were ever to be made into a movie…).

Then I realized that these books are genius! They were thought provoking while utilizing all proper brain faculties. These were happy books. Books that did not make you cringe because you were upset that he (Ryan Gosling) was going out with her (Eva Mendes). These books were not displaying Dakota Fanning on their covers in lingerie.

Most of all, these books were fun, light and cheerful. People ultimately read those and no matter what kind of mood they were in before, all was forgotten. Voila. Mission accomplished.

Saving my newest Lauren Weisberger for my mindless bedside table read, I have made my coffee table book friendly. I will be throwing out suggestions for these books randomly, so be on the look out!


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