:Sandy and Fresh:

If I were a dog, I would be Sandy.

She’s girly. She’s smart. She enjoys the occasional pink clothing item. And she has a hell of a fabulous life. She also might think she has a future being a model (a dream we will never share).

I recently began to teach Sandy different dog tricks. After 4 months of rescued bliss, she has mastered the art of sitting down, lying down, and rolling to the side over. After the third time, every time, she pretty much got the hang of it.

She barks at strange men who come into my office. In areas that aren’t “hers” she becomes shy, especially around men. She has a cute little prance that perfectly accompanies the jingle jangle of her silver name tag and rhinestone collar.

Every time she has to put clothes on, she prefers stylishly comfortable rather than complicated and expensive looking. She never wants to put on the pink corduroy that her grandmother bought her on eBay because I have to put her little arms into the sleeves. She quite prefers her reversible argyle/magenta fleece because it only has to velcro around her little tummy and her neck.

She’s loyal. And sometimes she holds grudges. Depends on the offense. Some other dog (probably a person with no soul) left her stranded on the streets with puppies to take care of, so that grudge probably won’t be going anywhere.

She has grown into a homebody and quite the independent woman (What’s up, dog/person that left her on the street with babies to take care of? What’s up now?) When I first recued her, she wanted to be with me all the time, now she sometimes takes naps under the bed on top of the new shag rug that her grandmother got just for her. She still follows me everywhere, even when I go to take the trash out.

When people gawk at how cute she is, she knows, so she gets cuter.

She likes to watch Netflix sometimes instead of go for a walk.

Like a lot of little dogs, she has the Napolean complex. If there is a bigger dog or bigger person in the building and they might move in on her space, she tenses up and begins to growl. Sometimes she barks. She’s obviously just very protective because she thinks someone  is going to move in on her life as a puppy princess and take it all away.

If she does not want to go somewhere, she’ll let me know. She’s a stubborm gal.

She loves to sleep in on weekends.

She can knock back a few manly treats now and then, like beef jerky and liver. She still prefers her organic bacon parmesan treats though.

I don’t think there is any other dog that would have been more perfect for me, despite the fact that she is stubborn sometimes, but hey, that’s how us girls are, right? And we have gotta take the good with the bad, in life, in love, in whatever.

Now as I think about getting back to writing my romantic comedy, I am looking at my outfit. I am wearing pajama shorts with lipstick tubes all over them over black leggings, a pink striped t-shirt (yes, apparently I do like pink) and a cable knit open cardigan. Hot.


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