I have dated a lot in LA.


It has been fun, but the part I absolutely loathe is when someone actually introduces you to an indie group that actually becomes rather famous.

Not only do they become famous, they are nominated for awards and have been heard in numerous beer and car commercials. I don’t even watch commercials (thanks, TiVo!) but when must, that song by that artist is heard somewhere in that one minute and thirty second span of time.

Today at work as I was (and have been all day long) listening to Gotye radio on Pandora, that artist came on. And not only did the station play that song, they played another one by that same artist 30 minutes later.

At this point I began to feel pathetic. I dated this person almost 3 years ago. Everytime I hear that song by that artist, it makes me think of that period of time.

Today, I put my foot down. I will no longer think of that song by that artist
marking the summer some guy broke my heart by going back to his gold lipsticked hipster girlfriend, but I will look at it as the time I was introduced to a fabulous band. A band that at the time, hardly anyone knew about.

Their tunes are pretty catchy, too bad my relationship with that guy wasn’t. Bahdum-ch.

It was a fun time and I refuse to think of it as anything else. Check out the band by clicking the link below but if you haven’t guessed who the band is, look at my entry title.


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