Today, I took to the streets. 

Well, not exactly.

I went to Marshall’s. You know who I left with?

Michael Kors (a beautiful dress, navy blue with silver tie up accents)

Vivienne Tam (an oh-so-soft off the shoulder piece)


CALVIN KLEIN (a gorgeous tan long dress with multiple straps and that “is it a halter or isn’t it?” look, which I absolutely DIED for)

Oh I also happened to pick up a pair of designer AG skinnies for 60% off the original price. I walked out of there with an extra pep in my step, as any girl would.

Upon returning home and entering into one of my many wars with my shoes, (they keep stomping on my long dresses and I could not let that happen to Calvin) I started to wonder about building a shoe closet then quickly remembered that I should probably wait. Oh yeah, I am a renter, I thought.

In the mean time, I should probably get a shoe rack or 10 for my 35 or so pairs of shoes.

I was also meaning to pick up this seasons Louis Vuitton that I saw in Glamour.

I have to admit, as much as I loathe white clothes, accessories are fine. I have also never been a fan of logo happy Louis. However, the logos on this bag are fairly understated, which is the essence of my style personality.

The ONLY problem that is getting in my way? It isn’t at Marshall’s. A girl can dream, but until then…



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