In the spirit of Valentines Day, here are several things I heart in my life, right now, in this moment:

(It goes without saying that Friends and Family are my two top hearts. DUH. I love them everyday, not just Valentines Day, sillies.)

1. Sandy and her big pink heart squeaky toy. When I throw and she grabs it with her mouth, she runs away with an oh-so-proud trot. Yep, she’s cute and she knows it.

2. Cheesy Valentines Day sayings. My cookie on my desk this morning said “Be Mine”. I’m not bitter that I am not with anyone right now, either. Something in my heart just flutters when I see things like that.

3. Having things to do at work. Girl, that day went by so quickly.

4. Irene Suchocki. When you know, you know. With everything. Her style captures everything I know I want on my now white walls. Pure happiness!

5. These earrings by Genevieve Jones. I would wear them everyday. Everyone deserves some X’s and O’s!

6. The Civil Wars. They appeared on the Grammies and I just cannot get enough!

The Civil Wars- Barton Hollow

7. My vodka soda, splash of cran that I made and am fully enjoying. It is also the perfect shade of red for Valentines Day.

8. Wasabi seaweed snacks from Trader Joes. Seriously bitchin’.

9. Wearing pajamas. It’s all I want to do when I come home. Dates schmates.

10. Champagne. Toasting in about an hour to being single, free and most of all HAPPY!


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