:Day of Girly:

Already gleaming- quite literally, actually- from my morning of greatness (eyebrow and lip wax, check!), I am now sitting down to extend my day of fresh faced girliness in the form of:

1. Catching up on my favorite fashion blogs

Refinery 29

I Heart Daily

Racked LA/National

Who What Wear

2. Giving myself an at home mani pedi

3. Downloading new, feel good music

4. Working on my romantic comedy

I thank that days like these come only once and a while, and I may as well embrace it. A day that is open, a day I can just callΒ mine. (I actually turned off my phone, can you believe it?!?!?)

On days like this, it is important to do what youΒ want, not what you should be doing. A no plan day is essential. No work, no parties, no NOTHING. For me, it allows time for fresh relaxation. FRESH. Obviously one of my favorite words. Not in the flat top 1990’s “this beat is fresh, yo” way but in the brisk, refreshing way. Like Sprite. Sparkling water with berries mixed in. Fresh, home-made Sangria. Popsicles. Tulips in a clear blue glass vase. Waves. A great hike. Breathing in ocean air. The list goes on…


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