Those of you that know me (or have been reading) know that I will come up with any excuse to dance.

Even if that takes me to Las Vegas, the land of $$$$$. I won $10 at Wheel of Fortune.

I clearly do not go to Vegas to gamble.

During this trip, my accomplice and I decided that:

1. We are now going to be exclusive to the Hard Rock Hotel.

2. We will always find a bachelor party to crash. 

We danced the night away with some awesome silly guys that didn’t mind being goofy with us. It was oh so refreshing (there’s that word again)!

 3. Outfit changes are totes acceptable. 
Club #1, Surrender, was what we thought to be a fancy club, so we wore sequins and sparkles. That club was highly overrated. Either that or we weren’t drunk enough to enjoy all of the youngsters that were already going crazy at 9:30pm. Club #2, Vanity, at the Hard Rock (how conveeeeenient, eh?) was a little more us, so upon arriving to our hotel room, we changed into mini skirts, studded boots and heels.

No, there were no crazy stories, just a bitchin’ time.

This picture was taken the morning after, waiting by the valet for my car.

Yep, this about sums it up.


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