:Character Lines:

Under possibly the brightest light bulb in Las Vegas–my Hard Rock Hotel bathroom light–I noticed something silly that made me think about something I have never thought about before. Aging.

I noticed s laugh line near the dimple on my cheek.

I told you it was silly, but for a girl who is constantly in the “eternally 22” mindset, it was a little shocking. My friend graciously reminded me that people in their 20’s always use anti-aging remedies, so I shouldn’t stress out about it. Hell, stressing out will only contribute to the problem I so very wanted to avoid.

It has become a fact that while women get wrinkles, men are becoming more distinguished,they get character lines. My goodness.

They become Robert Redford and we become Dame Judy Dench. But you know what? She ain’t that bad. And Helen Mirren is bad ass. And more celeb women are making it an effort not to go the plastic route.

Fact: Kate Winslet has founded an Anti Cosmetic Surgery League, which Rachel Weisz and Emma Thompson have joined. Go ladies! 

When I returned from the bathroom of bright lights,  I went to trusty Sephora and purchased an anti-aging mask from Dermalogica. And guess what? It makes my skin feel fab. Take that, men!

Not only do we get the esteemed privilege of living longer, we get to embrace certain things that you will only be able to embrace in secret, if at all.

We can brag our happy little hearts out.

And that, my friends, is how I turned my wrinkle into a character line.

Looky loo at the masque that will become your best friend: Dermalogica Age Smart


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