Sandy either loves you or absolutely hates you.

When she meets new dogs, she immediately sniffs their bums, and if she likes him or her, she lets them sniff hers. If she doesn’t like them, she just walks away. No barking, no anything, just walks away while looking at me and maybe hopping up on my legs or onto my lap if I am sitting down.

I wish it were that easy for people. The trouble is that people cannot really go around sniffing each other’s bums. It is also hard for us to tell off first impressions if we will or won’t like someone, if they will stab us in the back, if they will kiss our ex boyfriends, hang out with our new ones, steal our thunder, or make us crazy. Life would be so much easier if we could just take one look at a person and decide whether or not they will become ex-boyfriends or frenemies.

Eh, but life wasn’t really made to be easy.

Easy is boring, in every sense of the word.


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