Thank G-O-D I got a fresh red toed pedicure last week.

When I woke up this morning, I contemplated going to the Post Office in pajamas. But then I figured I would step it up a little and put on my Sunday (AKA: I don’t give an eff jeans) jeans, a gray tank top and a faded purple crew neck sweater. I put on my Betsey Johnson sunglasses and 4 year old Rainbow sandals and took off while my little white fluff ball named Sandy scurried out from under my bed to follow me out the door.

Finally entering the post office feeling like I looked like crap and realizing I neglected to put any cover up or deodorant on (thank godness I left my sunglasses on, it is kind of normal in LA for people to do that, so I thought it was pretty acceptable) I ran straight to the package weighing/postage stamp buying station.

While rifling through my bag of packaged items to look for a small envelope full of forever stamps, a ruggedly handsome man in running shoes walked up the the machine right next to me. He had Ray Bans on and was wearing running shoes. He threw something away in the trash bin that was in between us and then, taking a second look at what I thought was the trash bin, he looked up at me and said “even your toes are cute.”

On the outside I smiled and said “thank you”, while on the inside I was jumping for joy.


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