I will never turn down a trip to Hawaii.

This Spring every magazine in existence has reminded me how much I would like nothing more than a Mai Tai in my hand and a ukelele lightly playing in the distance.

Although I am not really a fan of trends, I quite like this one, as I have seen it rather tastefully done and HELLO, it is pretty fun.

This dress from TopShop is something I would regularly loathe but the only word that comes to mind when I look at it isย cool.

And guess what? It is only $60 (a steal for the upscale retailer).

Dress it up: 1. Black patent leather pumps with gold hoop earrings and blingin’ ring with a leather jacket or 2. nude sandal wedges or heels and some gold chandeliers or 3. Bright royal blue pumps and neon watch. Wear your hair either up in a slicked back ponytail or down with flowy ย curls. Love doing your nails? Dark plum, red or a light nude will go perfectly!

Dress it down: Silver or gold gladiator flats and a jean vest or jacket. You will be super effing cool with your hair in gentle beachy waves or in a low side pony. Don’t forget either a large ring on your right hand ring finer or some signature chandeliers. For your nails, red isย always a great choice.

I am also quite a fan of this dress which was worn by gal of the moment Shailene Woodley at the Vanity Fair party for the Oscars. Dress by Proenza Schouler.

Even though I may not be flying to Hawaii any time soon, but this tropical trend will hold me over, at least for the Spring time, which is quite alright with me.


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