:The Over Forty Set:

Some of you might think this is way strange, but when I first saw Field of Dreams, I had a huge crush on Kevin Costner. 

I think I was five (or so) but that is sooo not the point.

This week, I had the delight of watching the movie Heathers (Winona Ryder and Shannen Doherty). Rather than concentrate on the horrific outfits (I know shoulder pads have made various comebacks, but come on, those blazers were dreadful), I concentrated on another crush, Christian Slater.Although he was psychotic in that movie, there was something so attractive about his movie star swagger and his Jack Nicholson-esque demeanor throughout the film.

Watching Heathers got me thinking about all of the over forty actors that are pretty much on every 20-something gal’s list. Here we go, and in no particular order…

Kevin Costner. He also paid for a lot of my college baseball field. A+.

Brad Pitt. I mean DUH!

Rob Lowe. Brat Pack Forever.

Christian Slater.

David Schwimmer. ‘Tis true, I had a secret crush on Ross.

Matt LeBlanc. Even playing a douchier version of himself in Episodes, he is still amazing.

Luke Perry. Dylan McKay. Swoon.

Kevin Bacon.

Sweet dreams!


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