Every morning, I lay in bed struggling to actually get my ass out of bed and scroll through my e-mails on my iPhone. Of course, this is all while giving Sandy her morning belly rub (and I wonder why she is so spoiled).

Most of my e-mails are–ding ding!–from shopping websites. RueLaLa, ideeli, Hautelook, Refinery29 Reserve, Daily Candy, Thrillist. I like to keep my cool factor up and running and knowing what is cool is precisely the way to do that.

After loading up several shopping carts as I lay in bed this morning, I quickly realized it was already 9am. Rather than purchase my items, I got ready to run some errands. One of my indulgences is shopping. Yes, I know you don’t eat clothes or shoes, but it is all in the experience.

The important part of this lesson is that although I love to shop ’til I drop (or ’til I get my tush out of my very comfy queen bed), it has never been a problem.

Case in point: I was running errands and indulged in something that was much easier on my wallet (which I bought for sale at Urban Outfitters, thank you very much). A Venti iced green tea from Starbucks. $2.15. Cha-ching. Success.



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