I love Texas.

When it was suggested that I do Dallas, I thought about my other options, but then my travel companion (my mom) me’d me a link to a flea market.

It was a done deal. And I could not be more excited!

I should start stocking up on cowboy boots right now. I have heard a trend in Texas is definitely wedge espadrilles. And those are totally doable, totally laid back and sure to go with pretty much everything I own. Stilettos will take a back seat this trip, although I highly doubt I will be going clubbing. I will probably sit with a marg (or wine) every night, watching the Texas sunset, contemplating what I am going to do next (which definitely belongs in the “question of the year” category).

Maybe that is why I enjoy Texas so much. They are classy and laid back all at the same time. Hey, I just kind of described myself. Maybe I should move to Tex…wait. I’m not going to go that far. California has my heart, always will.

I am not going to get any tips on how to relate to Texans from the new Dallas, however. I may take a peek. But I much prefer the style Friday Night Lights. That was actually filmed in Texas. I mean, just looking at the various sneak peeks and old trailers, it is like comparing cheesy to awesome.

 Happy Friday, National Wine Day and Memorial Day weekend. Time to get your BBQ on.

Friday Night Lights



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