After a night of feeling like multiple layers of crap, one phrase that I heard last night was filled with perfection. Not only was it the right thing to say, it happened to be at the perfect time.

No matter who says it.

It could be a homeless guy at 7-11 while you are collecting you $11 SuperLotto winnings (woopdee!).

It could be a guy that rejected you in college and who (finally) is realizing that he made the wrong decision. 

It could be a guy you just met.

It could be someone you have known for a while.

It could be someone in line at the grocery store.

 There is always that perfect time that someone says “you are beautiful” .

…and that moment happened to be last night. Although I hate to admit when I feel less than awesome, I felt that way last night as the result of a long, food filled Memorial Day weekend. 

I returned home feeling like crap and went to sleep feeling beautiful. Thanks, friend.



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