:Tile Wall:

To say I returned this morning to LA in one piece would be correct. 

However, my bones might tell you otherwise. And my head, well, more specifically, my brain that gracefully met a tile wall with a bang last night.

As I am typing (ish) with quite possibly my first seriously injured hand  and holding an ice pack to the humungous bump on my head I can only smile.

As I was on the 101 this morning I imagined what it might have looked to the people at Apple in the Brea Mall when I stumbled in with a limp wrist, a bumpy head, make up smeared across my face, wearing blue pajama shorts and an off the shoulder shirt showing my bra straps to replace my phone. That would have been a gem!

I secretly hoped I had lost my phone so that I could finally meet Siri but then I realized she’s not that cool anyway.



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