From now on, it might really help to write down my internal set of dating commandments.

Since all of my friends are either married, practically married, or “going through stuff” in their current relationships, I was thinking about one issue in particular today which only applies to me, as I am really the only one in my circle of whom puts herself out there.

A couple of weeks ago, I was in Venice. I was with another single gal (that will be happening much more often, by the way) and I met a cute guy. When he asked me to go on a date the next day, I replied “sure”, thinking that it wouldn’t turn into much of anything. Let’s just put it this way– he is twentysomething, I am twentyMOREsomething.

The next day I get a call from this person saying that he doesn’t want to be a flake but his roommate won’t let him borrow her car (<—red flags need no explanation).

I say “okay no worries” and go on my merry way, except for the fact that he invited me to a party at his beach apartment. My friends and I decided to go.

Obviously I wasn’t prepared. And clearly my brain had left me that long Memorial Day weekend (my brain was fried on chips, salsa and margaritas).

What I should have realized before the party: ย I brought two of my closest friends, which was great, the fact that they are bf/gf wasn’t as great.

And even though I probably ignored the multitude of red flags before the fratย party, I came up with a commandment.

Thou shalt never bring a couple to the event of a potential suitor.

Enough said.


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