Almost a year ago, I never expected to have a dog. Always wanted one, but never dreamed of having one. Too much responsibility.

But then I met Sandy and all of a sudden all of that responsibility mumbo jumbo took a giant leap into the curb and slithered its way into the gutter.

Not only has she added a multitude of things to my life, she has also helped me with something that hasn’t really (ahem) agreed with me in the past.


I know it sounds, to put it simply, ridiculous, but it isn’t and here is why.

Having a dog means responsibility. With responsibility, you cannot be out until all hours of the night with a guy, even if you really like him, because you have a cute little critter at home just waiting to jump into your arms after doing the “dancing dog” with beams of unconditional love flying out of her eyes.

…And lets not forget those first date thoughts that almost everyone I know possesses at some point or another. Thoughts like omygosh this could really be something, or he’s just perfect for me or I can’t wait to see him again. While these are all valid thoughts to have, they can often drive a person absolutely nuts, so why not just skip out early and go see your fluffy white puppy? Plus, who knows if that certain guy will call or text or whatever. Take this from me: when you have a puppy to take care of, you are much less into over-analyzing the s*** out of things. In fact, you tend to concentrate on things that really matter, what you want and what you want to do. See? Not all about the puppy, as cute as she may be. So maybe this is not so ridiculous after all…

Sooner than later, you will be thanking that pretty little golden goddess pooch of yours for making you forget why that guy hasn’t called and asked you out again. You won’t wonder if it was “something you said”, because it probably wasn’t.

❤ Take it or leave it, lovers ❤


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