:Old Flings Die Hard:

…or they pretty much hardly die.

The other day I was thinking about that term “die hard”, and then I thought about the movie Die Hard With A Vengeance, which I still have yet to see (I probably won’t see it, if there is one thing I absolutely cannot stand, it is any Bruce Willis action flick besides The Whole Nine Yards).

Don’t things always die with a vengeance? If I had to guess, the death of anything is hard, and a lot of things go down with a vengeance, trying really really hard to stay alive.

In Los Angeles, the more and more you hang out in a certain area/place, there is no getting away from people and things that remind you of those people and things. I always think but I love this place, no effing way I am not coming here anymore. I have proven to myself time and time again that not only do old flings die hard, but so do past loves.

For the past week, I have not known what to do with myself. Yes, it is heartbreak. And yes, I am still a happy gal. But did you know that heartbreak is the single most undefinable occurrence in any persons life?

It is. Emotions are intangible, yes. Heartbreak is a mix of them and everyone deals with it in a different way. I can’t define it and it is going on as I write. Up, down, side to side, diagonal sleeping, dog snuggling, old fashioned heartbreak. Heartbreak dies pretty hard.

Seriously though, if you google the term “heartbreak”, there is a wikipedia article and multiple self help articles. On dictionary.com, the definition is pretty lackluster and does not describe anything about it whatsoever: great sorrow, grief, or anguish. Puh-lease. That is the most feeble attempt at making up a definition that I have ever heard.

Despite people continuing to butcher the term, I found one article that was interesting. Not helpful, but interesting (despite the incredibly non-creative title): Healing Your Heartbreak

The fact is that every single person has their own definition of the term, and every single definition is absolutely correct.


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