:The Fry That Was:

After diving into a glorious meal that consisted of beer, burgers, french fries, zucchini fries and onion rings, my friends and I decided we were full. Based on the fact that we had Bacardi Torched Cherry/Diet Coke drinks at my house before dinner, we were also quite drunk.Β 

If you know me, you know I either 1. always clean my plate, or 2. if I don’t clean my plate, I NEVER take anything home because guess what? Chances are I will forget about it and it will sit there for a week until I decide to take that leisurely walk down the stairs to throw it out in the trash bin that might as well be a porta potty.

Being a tad sauced, I decided I might as well take the fries, the onion rings and the zucchini fries home. Now, the question is, when the hell would I eat them? When I lugged my legs across the street and poured myself and my friends a few more drinks, of course!

Never happened.

Not only were the fries left on my counter for about an hour, I noticed them before I stumbled to my bedroom and gracefully threw them in the fridge. Then I face planted into my firm pillows and non-comforter, light as a feather, naturally.

Call me crazy, but this morning, I could not stop thinking about how I might be able to salvage those sad, soggy, side dishes. Let’s face it, if it doesn’t happen today, it is never going to happen. This is even coming from a gal who absolutely hates eating any fast food chains french fries even 10 minutes after they have been sitting in the car untouched.

…and that is the story of the french fries that were, but weren’t.


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