:To Miss or Not to Miss:

Things I will miss about Los Angeles:

1. The beach

Anywhere you are in LA, you can probably get to the beach in 20 to 30 minutes.

2.Random celebrity sightings

Yesterday I saw Jon Cryer at CVS.

3. The weather

It rains in February, sometimes April and September with a few days in between.

4. The men

We’re talking strictly eye candy, people. Dating in LA…well I have already covered that.

5. My friends

Thank GOD I have them. I would not have stayed here for this long.

Things I will NOT miss about Los Angeles:

1. The beach

I never went all that much anyway.

2. Being asked, “What do you do?” before anything else

Forget your name if you go out. Memorize the occupation you want to have that night and see if it gets you anywhere.

3. Hearing the words writer/producer/director/actor (most times altogether)

I know these hybrids exist elsewhere, but people are not very honest here. If you are a server but have dreams of being the next big thing, guess what? At least you have dreams.

4. Name dropping/ers

I cannot stress this enough. The number of people that feel the need to name drop in this town is astounding. And it isn’t like people say they saw someone at the grocery store. It’s like their sister’s boyfriend’s cousin’s brother-in-law’s nephew just got a role in the new James Cameron flick and you should care.

5. Drama

LA is the city where drama never sleeps. But guess what? In real life people do in fact get over themselves and just live life while acting their age…

Lots more coming…just a jumping off point. Until next time!


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