:And the Crowd Goes Wild:

In elementary school, when a mean girl approached me with an unwarranted insult, I would say a myriad of different things back. One of them was the very common nice girl response to a mean girl: “Get a hobby.” The other retorts are not really worth mentioning as I was pretty used to getting poked around with in those days.

Well, guess what? I have realized that although I like to write, A LOT, it isn’t necessarily a hobby. A hobby, for me, would be…..building paper airplanes, for instance. Making origami, building miniature Corvettes, collecting tea sets-which I used to do, you should see the elaborate mini tea sets out there!-and playing a musical instrument.

I’ve decided I am learning to play the acoustic guitar. And no, it won’t cost a damn thing because my dad still has his from the days he wanted to be a Beatle (he has since realized he’s not quite British enough).

I’m moving, changing, evolving, why can’t I just pick up a guitar? Maybe I’ll be horrible at it, but maybe I won’t, who knows? That is just the beauty of picking up something new.

What else am I going to do? I’m going to pick up photography again. See if any creative inspiration comes back. Believe it or not, being here, I have lost some.






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