:On the Nose:

My brain is shitty sometimes.

And by shitty I mean insanely awesome.

I was about to write more of my script when I realized that it was the season of the haunted hayride, which reminded me of my experience about six years ago at Universal Studios.

This guy I met at a bar through a friend, Eric, (I will use his real name because there is no effing way he will ever read this) spent some moola to take me to Universal Studios to go to the haunted….thing.

I love love love, LOVE haunted things. Okay? I just do. Haunted house at Disneyland? CHECK. Don’t even get me started on the Nightmare Before Christmas. I will gladly watch any scary movie. GLADLY.


Eric pushed me into the monsters and laughed at me. In hindsight, I was being a pussy, but I was genuinely scared. I realize that these monsters and things were not real, but this was just beyond me. I used to have dreams about being BBQ’d by Freddy Krueger, for Christ’s sake. We eventually made out way to both the Back to the Future and Jurassic Park rides, but that is beside the point.


Eric, two days after this debacle, showed up at my doorstep with a mondo sized tub of red vines. He remembered.

Gosh I miss that.


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