:Just Saying It Sucks:

I said goodbye to my aesthetician yesterday.

She is someone I see once a month for 30 minutes, but that might just  have been the hardest goodbye, and not just because it was really hard for me to find a gal I could trust with my eyebrows.

Whenever I tell people I am moving, they ask: 1. “Where?” and 2. “Do you have a job lined up?”

My answers: 1. “San Francisco.” (yeeeee!!!) and 2. “Nope!”

The reaction: “Ohhhh, well that’s just great.” (<— insert condescending sigh/fake smile wherever)

My aesthetician, on the other hand, very simply asked yesterday, “Do you know what you want to do once you get there?”, to which I replied “No” with a big smile. She smiled and very happily said “That is a thing of beauty.”


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