:Wrecking It:


Four days ago, I bought my first pair of moccasins. 

When I was younger, I thought moccasins were quite possibly the ugliest looking things on the face of the planet. I might have bought them because I was perusing the aisles of DSW after a scrumptious strawberry daquiri from the Cheesecake Factory, a drink I probably should not have had, being that the night before, I was positively (or negatively, but I prefer the former) wrecked  at my last soiree in Hell-A.

Like the two cardboard boxes I put together to replace my desk that can barely even hold up my laptop let alone a 12 ounce cup of coffee (I should probably just fill them up more, go figure), I barely held it together. It only took me one glass of champagne to realize these were some people I might not ever see again.

However, by no means was my experience as a wrecking ball a game changer. If anything, it has taught me, once again, that nothing in life should be taken for granted, and it’s true!

And guess what? Even though I have the seriously boring task of packing in the next week, I will be dancing while I do it. 



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