:Valet Ticket:

There is a valet ticket on my windshield from my last night in L.A. One would figure that after 8+ hours of driving through the rain and fog that it would be gone. But that thing just won’t budge.

Just 3 days ago, when I was on a different end of California, arriving home 3 hours later than a 7:30am appointment would have meant that my head hit the pillow immediately upon returning home for God knows how long.

Today, I was up, motivated, ready for the day and whatever it had to give to me. I opened my windows and let the dogs bark freely at the passersby.

Being a gal with no plans (for me) is like living with a fatal heart attack, not knowing when or where it will strike. But for some odd reason, I have decided that I will not be 1. having a heart attack is not going to happen, and 2. that having “no plan” is something that I am going to embrace. I have always had a plan. After college, it was to move to LA and do whatever I could so that I didn’t have to move back to Northern California. Now, what I am realizing is that THAT time was used perfectly. I thought I knew the plan and had full control over it, when in fact, this supposed “plan” for me was quite different from what I thought was in store. Life happened. Joy happened. I found myself (well, let’s not get carried away…).

Sometimes you have to leave your comfort zone to figure things out. In my case, I did it for about 10 years.

The moral? Hell, I don’t know. You figure it out.


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