My Nana called me crazy the other day.

Maybe I am a little obsessed with cute animals, my own in particular. I mean, Sandy is just so damn cute. Ever since we moved back up here, she has become BFF’s with a German Shepherd and Golden Doodle, and she couldn’t feel like more of a badass if she tried.

The mission on Sunday at Target started out as a trip to buy Sandy a new coat, which the other dogs pretty much destroyed. Sandy is a badass, but her jacket isn’t mud proof. I wish the other dogs would learn that, but until then…

Here is where my Nana says my “crazy” kicks in. Even though Sandy is the baddest, assiest, cutest little white terrier on the block, she still deserves the right to look like a dog. That is a right I totally agree with, accept when the dog is shivering. Even then, Nana doesn’t think she needs it. Need it she may not, but why is she shivering without it and shiver free once I put it on? I made the mistake of relating her to a child, saying “if your child was shivering…”, to which she promptly replied, “Sandy is not a child. She’s a dog.” Okay, I get it.

However, I still like buying her things, so in an effort to make my Nana crazier, not only did I buy Sandy a fleece puffy vest, I bought her a Christmas dress. This dress is lime green velvet with a glittery red tutu. Oh, and there is also a Christmas bow wrapped around the middle. IT IS ADORABLE.

We finally get to the checkout stand after traipsing around the store, trying to ignore the Neiman-Marcus/Target collabo (GOD, that was hard). Being that it was obvious I was there for the sole purpose of purchasing Sandy clothes, the cashier naturally started to talk about her brother’s terrier that walks around in little dog bikini’s. Excuse me, wait, I think she said “strut” instead of “walk”. Yes.

Nana looked over at me and I promptly peered in the other direction, completely distracted by the Starbucks/Rodarte display (does anyone else think that is a weird collabo?).

Upon returning home, Sandy immediately tried on her outfits. The coat was, of course, cute as a button, and pretty practical, as she stopped shivering. Poor baby.

When she put the dress on, Nana came out of her room and she melted, smiling and laughing.

Not so crazy, are we now?


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