:The Facebook Purge:


At what point is is okay to delete someone from your Facebook? We always say it doesn’t matter, but really, as immature as it sounds, we don’t want to even deal with the minute possibility of running into someone who used to be our friend on Facebook.

Many people say that deleting someone on Facebook is the ultimate dig. But why? If you delete someone you are not friends with and have not seen for years, will they even notice you are gone? The thing is, if you do delete them, the inevitable will happen. You will run into them and you will wonder for a second if they are wondering why they aren’t on your Facebook. That right there is enough to make someone go completely insane.

Keeping all of this in mind, today I had a purge. Along with deleting about 100 people, I was nursing a hangover, so I got a little bored. I looked at a Facebook page out of curiosity and asked myself, “Do I care about this person? Do I care what this person thinks about me? Do they even deserve to know what is going on in my life? Oh my GOD, was he doing dating that tart in the city the whole time he was professing his feelings to me?” (<– he was.)

Back to my first question. When is it okay to delete someone from your Facebook? The answer is wheneverthehellyouwant.ย 


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One thought on “:The Facebook Purge:

  1. prettygirl1920 February 17, 2013 at 6:36 PM Reply

    I have dealt with three awkward conversations over people upset that I deleted them off of facebook…ha

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