:Tardy for the Party:

Maybe it is because I was born on my due date, but I have never been late for anything. In my life.

As a matter of fact, if I ever am late, there is something seriously wrong. I am even on time when I am fashionably late. You never want to be the first one at a big soiree, but if I say fashionably late is 30 minutes late, I will be there exactly 30 minutes late.

I also have a knack for knowing what time it is without looking at a clock, but that will be covered some other time, if there is even an explanation for that one other than that I am some sort of freak.

In elementary school, we all got dinged at least once or twice for being tardy, and we often wondered why it was such a big deal, right? What were they trying to do, teach us how to be our future selves? Pshht.

I was probably tardy a couple of times, but that was probably due to a dentist appointment or a tiff with my brother or something.


Event season is just around the bend and naturally I am super stoked. I have no reason to put my punctuality claus on hold (“Thou shalt not…”, you get it).

7 24797185 oregon-wedding-by-lauren-brooks-photography party-ideas pink-gold-glittery-valentines-party-ideas sweet-salvation-upcycled-denim-placemat  url


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