You can’t wear a lot of clothes in hell.

I have been doing Bikram yoga for three days and I am delighted to say I am already feeling the benefits. Aside from the stupid jokes I have made about class (i.e. “I’ll see you in hell”, “I’m going to go burn in hell”, “I now know what hell feels like”, etc.), something inside of me feels different. Yes, the class is pure agony. They say it’s normal to feel dizzy or a little sick, which was a little strange. But after the first two classes, the urge to throw up goes away as all of the toxins you are holding onto literally pour out of your body.

Yes, it’s a little (okay, a lot) gross, but if can get over it, you can.

The best part? When the instructor tells you to let all of your thoughts flow out of your mind. As you can imagine, for me, that is a very difficult and exhausting task. But again, I did it eventually. You know those scenes in cartoons and movies where there are a bunch of papers lining the street and then they all just float away in a sort of choreographed  number?  That was what I imagined. Every thought on a different piece of paper (and that’s a helluva lot) just magically prancing away.


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2 thoughts on “:Namaste:

  1. wartica February 24, 2013 at 12:11 PM Reply

    I felt the first time I walked into a hot yoga room, nothing but a lot of heat was going on lol; next thing I knew, the class was over already and I couldn’t wait to come back again:) Glad to see you liked it, and if you get a chance, I wrote about my experience as well:)

  2. frankiedman March 4, 2013 at 9:55 PM Reply

    I have nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award. I truly enjoy reading your posts!! Click on the link below for details:


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