:When Your Dentist is Hot:


I hate the idea of anyone looking inside my mouth, even if they are almost retired or a woman. It just isn’t fun. But who likes going to the dentist? And for that matter, do dentists really want to be dentists? Do they enjoy putting their hands in other people’s mouths? It doesn’t even matter what I think, though, because if no one got their bi-annual cleaning, there would be a lot more than a couple of small cavities.

Furthermore, it seems every person I talk to about the dentist gets a lecture every time they go. No thanks, I’ll just keep brushing.

Today, in the interest of not losing my teeth to an oral surgeon in forty years, I walked into the dentists office. I haven’t been to the dentist for a considerable amount of time. I was a little nervous. What if my tooth aches were not just stress and anxiety related like I had been telling myself for, again, a considerable amount of time?

Well, helllooooo cute dentist.

As I drooled all over my face and felt some blood on my gums, I wondered why this had to happen. Why did he have to be good looking? I tried to look for a wedding ring in between air and water breaks, but it was just too much. Not only would I have been drooling at that point, but I would look like a complete spaz. What a mental picture I have painted…

When your dentist is hot, you will probably want to go more often. I am no longer an anti-dentite.

A friend in the dental industry told me that the only way to really impress a dentist is to have an impeccable mouth. This can’t be true. Regardless, I must stop brushing so hard and floss much more.




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