:Style BFF:

Style BFF n. A person of whom has impeccable style that you wish to emulate, or already do, whether that means the way they carry themselves, the clothes they wear, or both.

I have 4 permanent style BFF’s. 

1. Rachel Roy

You know those stores where you always feel like the clothes are designed for one body type? Either the jeans are too tight in certain areas and button up perfectly or they fit perfectly but don’t button up? Well, fo’ real, her clothes fit me like a glove. Not only that, but everything she designs is versatile. One look at these clothes and you can tell that so much thought goes into creating all of her absolutely stunning pieces.



2. Lauren Conrad 

Whether her hair is braided, twirled, wavy or straight. Whether she is dressed up or down. Lauren’s  fun and flirty style, relatable spirit and attitude are perfection. Her new line, Paper Crown, is gorgeous! And I am just addicted to The Beauty Department.

LaurenConradMTVawards-2 url-2 url-1 LaurenConrada


3. Rachel Bilson

She could be out taking meetings for her amazing Shoemint collabo with Steve Madden or just enjoying a coffee, this girl has some serious street style, and it is style that everyone can do. She looks cool, comfy and most importantly, real. She’s just rad.

the_queen_of_street_style_rachel_bilson (3)



4. Ashley Olsen

Glamour with grace. Through lines and websites like Stylemint and Elizabeth and James, I have never seen her miss a beat. This girl has more taste than a room full of  a million people eating Sprinkles cupcakes.




Who are your style BFF’s?


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