:Cheap Trick:

In the past couple of years I have made an art out of making something cheap and old look “of the moment”. Generally, I put something worn with something new, like a pair of frayed high waisted shorts with a silk crop tee. Of course, there is no way I can afford to buy all of the crop tops I want, albeit silk ones, so I find polished pieces at second hand stores. YES, good pieces do exist at consignment shops. I have always been a little wary of consignment shops, yard sales and estate sales (up until my collegiate days, my mom used to want to stop at every yard sale on every corner, which for me was a total snooze because I knew for a fact I would not find or like anythingbecause I like new things. I like things to be mine and only mine and to be the only one who has or will ever wear any certain item.

My tune has changed. This is mostly due to the fact that I don’t always have the disposable cashola for the “mine and only mine” mentality.

I have always been quite the super shopper. And in this economy and with all of the deals being spewed into the inbox and mailbox, paying full price is NOT an option for many more peeps.

There is a method to my shopping madness though. Because I don’t want to spend time in ANY store (yes, even stores with “brand new stuff”), I use my three shopping steps.

1. See (I pause at the front of the store.  If a color catches my eye, I go straight to that rack)

2. Scan (I scan all of the racks, if nothing catches my eye, then…)

(If I do find something, I see how many times I have to adjust myself in the dressing room. Items don’t automatically have to slip on like a glove, but if you have to adjust a shirt every time you move, or a skirt every time you sit down and stand up, it probably isn’t worth it. Who wants a wiggly wardrobe? No one. So put it back, even if it is supereffingsexy. Fidgety frocks will just make you feel uncomfortable, and when we feel uncomfortable, we often look it, am I right?)

3. Sayonara (next store!)

It is that simple.

FYI: Today I am in my GAP jean shorts from 2002 (if they look a little wrinkled, it is because they are), a silk-like crop top from Buffalo Exchange and my Shoemint booties (which I not only got on sale, but had a mystery gift credit on my account, so they turned out to be $4.64!) , I am rocking my cheap chic look and loving it, as usual.

To add another classy touch, feel free to throw your hair up into a top knot and slap on some of my favorite red lipstick.



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