:And (Single) Scene:


Keep in mind I have been “up here” for almost five months.

Friend In A Relationship: Hi honey! I am so excited you are up here now!

Single Me: Me too! I–

FIAR: Anyway, I am throwing a big birthday bash next weekend here in the city and you are totally coming.

SM: Oh, I’m so there! Will I know anyone?

FIAR: Probably not. But ** will be there, so you guys can chat. And it is here in the city so you will have to make driving arrangements if you plan on drinking. Oh! And we don’t really like house guests so our place is kind of off limits…

SM (rolling eyes): Oh cool, let me know what I can bring.

FIAR: Great! You know what sweetie, I have to go.

SM: Oh, wait! Can I bring someone? You know, since I won’t know anyone.

FIAR (super excited): Oooo, are you dating someone new already?

SM: No, I would just bring ***, remember her? From back in the day?

FIAR (disappointed): Oh…

SM: I know it’s been a while, huh? After all this time we are still friends! You haven’t seen her in what, like 10 years?

FIAR: Oh man I wish I could but we have to keep the guest list tight.

SM: Oh, okay, well—

FIAR: Gotta jam, see you Saturday! Muah!

**FIAR’s boyfriend…

***one of my BFF’s


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