:Fruit Water:



This is SO all we need. Another zero calorie, fizzy diet drink. I mean GOD.

I had a bug in my ear telling me to try something new on my little trip to sevs (7-11), so instead of getting my normal diet drink, I scanned the coolers. And what was this I saw on top of the Arizona Iced Tea shelf?

It was this Fruit Water. Besides the fact that I liked the shape of the bottle, I also liked the colors. I know I’m lame, but then I saw that this was from the Glaceau family (Vitamin Water, Vitamin Water Zero) and I was intrigued.

Glaceau is a family that I have grown to know and love, whether they have helped me nurse a hangover or the have provided zero calorie mixers for the pre party.

Regardless, they know what they are doing. Their branding is simple and effortless. Hell, I will drink anything with their name on it. My friends at Glaceau always tell me the truth. Like on the back of the Fruit Water label, they say “DOES NOT CONTAIN ANY FRUIT JUICE.” Thanks guys, I know you are just lookin’ out.

Word of warning though: if you are watching your sodium count, you might want to watch how ever many of these you guzzle, they pack a whopping 50mg per bottle.

Otherwise, this stuff is legit. Well done, Glaceau, well done.



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