:You Can Dance If You Want To:

Dancing in The Park, 1970s (1)

There is a lake in my hometown that is surrounded by a five mile trail. There is, of course, a shorter version that I take advantage of. My high school cross country coach assured us more times than I can count on my fingers and toes that this course was only 2.2 miles, but I was always super duper convinced it was longer. But this is all beside the point.

On one leg of the loop, no one can see you. I mean no one. I mean, unless there is someone in front or behind you staring at your ass. Normally, to get through this walk/slug jog, I bring my iPod and just hit shuffle.

“Party in the USA” came on and I couldn’t resist. On that leg (and more, I just had to keep spinning around to check that no one was lurking behind) of the loop, I busted out my best T-T-T-Torrance and I busted a move. I even sang along.

When Miley’s song was over, a song called “Social Studies”  that I hadn’t heard in forevs came on by this French band called Body Language. So what did I do? I made like Julie Stiles a la Save the Last Dance and got effing down.

Take a listen to this song, it is absolutely presh and perfect for everything:

1. Dancing

2. Making drinks

3. At a party (especially if you want to impress those music snobs who are lucky enough to be your acquaintances in the corner)

4. Relaxing

5. Thinking

6. When you feel like doing the salsa but aren’t sure how

7. Pouring drinks for your friends

8. Drinking drinks

9. When you are feeling down-ish

10. If you want a fun song for a montage in a romantic comedy

See? It is good for pretty much everything. Just make sure no one is watching…

…but it is guaranteed to me way more fun if they are. Happy Friday, banana heads.


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