:My Main Man Willie:

Meet my absolute all time favorite OPI shade, William Tell Me About It.


Sometimes I venture out, but rarely, as Willie always matches all of my sandals, open toed heels and all of my arm and finger flair. I rarely go matchy-matchy on my fingers and toes, but if I find myself in Mani-Pedi Meltdown Mode (so many colors, so many choices, I. just. can’t. think. ahhhh!!!!), Willie is my guy. It is the only color that I think is worthy of going on fingers and toes at the same time.

So next time you are stuck in MPMM (see above), just look for Willie, he is SO waiting for you.

BTW this post is most definitely NOT sponsored. I just love giving props where props are due. Plus, hello, I don’t have enough followers for a sponsored post. Wink.


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2 thoughts on “:My Main Man Willie:

  1. […] this shade isn’t that thick, three coats are recommended. Also, although I love this shade, William Tell Me About It isn’t coming off of my toenails, like ever, so this will be my “go to” for a […]

  2. […] Here, the best color to go on my toe nails since before I knew William Tell Me About It.  […]

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