:The Evolution of Juicy Couture:

Ah, Juicy Couture. In high school, all a girl wanted was a terry sweatsuit and a bag from JC, but not me. Where the popular gals thought of it as a status symbol, I thought it was just plain tacky. On top of that, I didn’t see the purpose of having a purse in high school when my JanSport backpack did the trick.

Juicy Couture faded away for quite a bit (for me at least). A while back, I heard that they were coming out with new stuff. I didn’t really pay that much attention because, hello, why would I want a revamped tracksuit?

I was SO wrong.

Now, although the terry sweatsuit still plays a prominent role in the line, the other pieces have an heir of sophistication. Juicy Couture has evolved with its audience and they have hit a home run. The colors and patterns are flawless The attitude of the line is refined while still capturing the sassy, fun and free spirited vibe that they have always tried to grasp but never quite hit spot on. Here are some of my fave pre-fall looks. You can see what else Juicy Couture has up its fab sleeve here.

Juicy_Couture_021_1366.320x480 juicy_couture_prefall_2013__4 juicy couture (3) Juicy-Couture-Fall-2013-Collection-New-York-Fashion-Week juicy-couture17


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