:Being A Sephora VIB Is Totally Worth It:

logo alone

As a Sephora VIB  you will be the first to know about certain in store events (if you are like me, you probably love being the first to know about anything and everything) and you will get exclusive VIB sales. I gasped when I saw that one of my favorite hair products EVER was in this group of items.

You do have to spend $350 every calendar year to be a VIB. BUT for most of us beauty and style obsessed people, that will NOT be a problem. Girls, Sephora will never let you down. They are completely reliable. If you need it, they have it. I pretty much get all of my beauty stuff there, and that adds up (To how much, you ask? No comment.).

A bonus that I am super stoked on is that I get to use that Passbook thingy on my iPhone. I wish everyone would do that with their discount cards (Hi, CVS!).

Also, even if you aren’t a VIB, Sephora has a ton of bitchin’ deals and steals every single week/day. Not that someone as fabulous as you has time to look for discounts every single day of the calendar year, but that’s what you have me for.


(photo stuff ^ from Sephora.com)



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