:Pretty Little Liars Style Pick 4.6:

In this episode everyone was very busy. That meant that their clothes we practical (ish) and pretty basic. I thought I could depend on Hanna to pull something out of that gun hiding tote, but as much as I love pajamas and understand that she is going through something pretty rough, there were no style picks on her end.

I must say, however, that this episode was pretty rad. The last couple were a tad slow and long winded, but I am certain that was just to set us up for what’s next. Maybe the momentum of this episode had to do with Mona showing up again. Who knows? But the war with “A” just seems to get more and more intense with each passing moment. LOVE IT, MEAN IT.

In the place of this weeks episode, here is my favorite pic of the cast from Entertainment Weekly,ย which came out in the Spring (I think).ย 

See? I’m not completely useless. โค



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