:Oh…Hello, TJ MAXX!:


Purely in celebration of a TJ Maxx finally arriving in this town (clearly as a birthday present to me, it opens along with Home Goods on the 25th, guess who will be first in line?) I decided to go on a shopping spree in another TJ Maxx, 2 hours down the road in San Jose (California).

Excited as could be, I practically dance-walked into the store.

Here is what I found:

$20 French Connection Silk (Coral color block). I know, CRAZY. Since when do shirts by French Connection go for $20? Since now. You can count on TJ Maxx to have a markdown on top of a sale.

$25 Max Studio Maxi Skirt. Comfy and goes with anything.  So summer and so fall. Can’t get a better deal than that.

$13 Non brand name sandals. Um, hello. I’m going to L.A. next week and these are super simple, meaning that if I don’t want to wear heels (which is quite a possibility, unless they are uber comfy cork wedges), I can put these puppies on because they are shiny. Also, if I leave them behind, no big, they were only $13!

$20 Black  non brand name leather combo sleeveless top. Leather combo tops are SUPER for fall. A shell like this can also go from day to night and be worn with a skirt, dress pants or jeans. Versatility is a working girls best friend, after all!


PS: I found this while searching for images of TJ Maxx. I love TJ Maxx about a million trillion times more than the next person, but forgive me, this is a little overkill. Okay, a lot. Unless it was a contest for a free wedding and a shopping spree reception.



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