:The “No Vodka In The Champagne Room” Rule:

I almost wrote “at weddings” at the end of the rule but I figure it applies to everything everywhere, so there is no use being specific.

One would think that by now I would know not to mix media when it comes to alcohol.

When you are a little drunk, everything is a good idea!

I mean, why not drink all of this:

Absolut and tonic

One glass of wine (I must have had five or so, actually, I think someone was trying to kill me, my glass was always three quarters of the way full)

Kamikaze shot (a grand idea at the time)

One glass….no wait…TWO, two glasses of champagne

Unfortunately I have no “before” picture, but I looked great.

Here is my “after” shot, taken as my mom is having a Pretty Little Liars marathon and Sandy is trying to nurse me back to health.


I also don’t know if I was still drunk or tired this morning, but I tried to wear flip flops with socks.


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