:The Jig Is Up:

I learned how to do an Irish Jig when I was, oh, about 14.

At that time I didn’t know my life would kind of turn into one. You know, stomp, stomp, kick, kick, side to side, upstage, downstage, hard shoe, soft shoe, hands in fists, arms stiff at the sides.

My problem with Irish dancing was that I had just come out of ballet and wanted to do butterfly, snowflake-like things. I wanted to flow, turn and jump. I wanted to twirl, waltz and spin. But I couldn’t. Not in Irish dancing. I had to buy the hard shoes a month after I bought my soft shoes and never look back. I eventually looked back and said “to hell with it”, took off my hard shoes, and twirled my way out of the auditorium.

This is not about me getting back into Irish dancing. Hell no. I like watching it, I just can’t be that stiff.

This is about finding balance and realizing that even though you like doing things the snowflake way, sometimes you have to keep your hands and arms stiff (AKA grow a pair). It is about looking back at why “to hell with it” was even said in the first place. You get what I mean.




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