:When J Brand Hearts Me, I Heart J Brand Right Back:

For some reason, there are three brands of pants that fit me perfectly.

One of them is J Brand (the other two: Current/Elliot and Rachel Roy).

I purchased my first pair in college on my shiny and new Nordstrom credit card (good idea at the time).

Here, my favorite pair, the “Houlihan”.

2009-12-JBRAND_Houlihan2-thumb-440x827-30003 sienna-miller-and-j-brand-houlihan-skinny-cargo-pants-gallery Houlihan-Jess-Alba

I have always been anti-zipper unless it is on a hoodie or a purse, but for some reason I took a risk on these guys. And man, was it a good one. These not only make the gams look great and are super duper comfy, but they can be worn with any shoe on the planet. Personally, I’ve worn mine with wedges, TOMS, Converse, the sandals that won’t ever die and high heels. Tell me, what is notย to heart about that?

PS: Although this army green is not available right now on the J Brand website, I am sure you can find it. Be resourceful. B-E resourceful!



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