:The Ever Present Graphic Tee:

When I was  a whole lot  younger, I was obsessed with getting catalogs in the mail. Not boring Pottery Barn catalogs (which I actually really adore now) but the cool catalogs with cool looking kids wearing cool looking clothes by their lockers, at a picnic table or on the playing field. I am sure you have all heard of Delia’s and Alloy. I also used to get a catalog called Swell, which had all of the clothes and accessories required to be the cool surfer gal I wanted to be.

The only thing? At both schools I went to before college, there was either a uniform or a polo shirt/pants/basically no stylish freedom policy (I do not wish to get into whether uniforms/dress codes are a good or bad idea. I know my parents definitely liked it/thought it was easier AKA easier on their pocket book).

Just as I was obsessed with these catalogs, the main items I circled were, you guessed it, graphic t-shirts. I don’t know if any of you remember the brand Dawls but that was the one I had my heart set on. My AIM name was even Dawl725 and my BFF was RoxyRMC. So on the weekend, RoxyRMC and Dawl725 would go to PacSun in their respective brand t-shirts and go buy more.

Why did we like our graphic tees so much? I think I thought I was being a rebel, honestly. I broke out of my shell every weekend and performed an act of extreme rebellion by wearing a graphic tee and a pair of jean shorts. I KNOW.

I still like graphic tees, but only of the sassy yet subdued variety. This weekend, in fact, I bought a high-lo tee with the face of a dog on it that looks a lot like Sandy. The graphic tee isn’t going anywhere so we might as well stylishly embrace it, right?


More of my faves that I would probably pair with skirts/moto jackets/jean vests/cargo pants/whatever:





These last two are from Ella Moss who has always had a lovely array of fine and fun clothing. Her graphic tees rock.



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