:Buy Shoes Online On Wednesday:


Thanks to my Mom’s awesome business, random publications often show up in the mail. Usually, I don’t care that much, but as soon as I saw Shop Smart, I did a super double take.

In all of 12 pages, Shop Smart lets you in on a ton of cool info and smart secrets for shopping. Wham. Bam.

For example, here is my favorite list, like EVER (I love lists), about the “when, what and how much you can save online”:

*Monday* Sunglasses 55% OFF

*Tuesday* Menswear 42% OFF

*Wednesday* SHOES (!!!!) 38% OFF

*Thursday* Handbags 36% OFF

*Friday* Jewelry 42% OFF

*Saturday* Lingerie 37% OFF

*Sunday* Swimsuits 52% OFF

(Note: This is from Shop Smart. I don’t know how they calculated it. Also, I didn’t take that picture, but I might start using my fridge as shoe storage.)


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One thought on “:Buy Shoes Online On Wednesday:

  1. itsangelaalice August 21, 2013 at 6:25 PM Reply

    I love shopping online! And it’s even better when I get cashback!

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