:La Transition:


This time of year frustrates me. Not hot enough to wear a tank top and shorts, not cool enough to wear a sweater, sucks to be wearing sandals because when your feet are cold, everything is cold…etc. etc. so on and so forth. This results in me wanting to shop for everything ever made (which is just an everyday feeling, but during this time, slightly heightened).

The transition from sandal to boot runs parallel to the transition from Summer to Spring. As with every transition, there has to be something in between. Enter the bootie. 

Here are some kick-ass booties.


Jeffrey Campbell “Everly”. I know, the cutouts right? I wasn’t sure about them either, but the cutouts not only make this an even more transitional bootie, they make it interesting and intriguing, which I LOVE.


Sam Edelman “Morillo”. You are a boss in these. And excuse me, who doesn’t want/need a pair of suede booties? Buy ’em in black and never look back.


Sam Edelman “Petty”. These would be my Sunday boots. New motto: Every day is Sunday.


Frye “Erin Work Boots”. I just love them. Shorter than the average work boot, so they are now booties.


Jessica Simpson “Aggie”. This is the power bootie. I’d recommend multiple colors if you can.


Mossimo “Kessi”. How cute are they?


Frye “Pippa” Short Bootie. Buy these in dark brown. You’ll thank me later.


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