:Saving Lives, One Hair at a Time:

Totally take that title literally because after I tell you about this miracle brush you will owe me a pat on the back for saving the lives of your locks.

Groupon-Detangling-BrushThe brush comes in 3 fun colors. Thick, normal and fine (left to right).

Michel Mercier, the brilliant inventor of this brush, said he created it when his 12 year old daughter was asking why it hurt so much when he brushed her hair. Is it really that easy? Apparently!

I bought this brush after seeing in in PeopleStyleWatch (I know, typical). I didn’t really know what to expect of it’s weird shape and even weirder philosophy that having brush bristles at all different lengths would actually help my hair. Also, let’s be honest, I have always thought spending more than $5 on a hairbrush was pretty bananas.

Well, it turns out that this lightweight BAMF of a life saving brush has, in fact, had an epic effect on my thick strands.

All it took was one brush out of the shower and BAM, my hair was perfectly wavy, like I HAVE ALWAYS WANTED! There are products, there are ways to twist and turn, but I never put it together. I never thought an object as trivial as a hairbrush would make such a huge ass difference in the way I feel and the way my hair feels. Happy, silky strands? I’ll take it.

Click here to see the best hairvention on the planet.


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