:I Am a Kept Woman:


Spending over an hour with KEEP.COM (also a highly addictive app for Android and iOS) was more time than I should have spent in bed between the hours of 10 and noon. I was literally sitting in bed looking at items that are tailored to my likes and wants (not my needs). It just made me want to get up and shop. On the internet.

Seriously this app has gotten me into an addictive coma mess. And I just learned how to make a “keep” list, and that it is kind of like Pinterest but not.

On top of that, Keep introduces so many online shops that we would have no clue about if not for their app. OMG GOD HELP US ALL.

(Despite this app putting me into a super shopper daze, Keep.com is THE BEST. Say goodbye to your workday and your iPhone battery power.)

Also, go ahead and follow me once you sign up!




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